Strasbourg, France
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Who are we

Travelers, we have in common a taste for others and a passion for meetings. Our watchwords: curiosity, generosity and greed! The one who tests, cooks, invents, knows how to create sets and presentations, it’s Fati. Her art of the table was first practiced with the many guests of her family in Morocco to professionalize in Paris where she trained in the kitchen of the Ritz then in her restaurant in the 8th arrondissement. When Fati travels, she always brings us treasures on the plate, creates the unexpected through the dialogue of flavors and colors from here and there and tells us all this so that we don’t lose one. crumb.

The one who welcomes you, promotes meetings, it is Nadera who comes from the land of cedars, Lebanon. His sense of human relationships comes from his initial job: dentist! With a smile, she possesses the savoir-vivre of those who have lived in many countries, opening up to their way of life, to their culture … Newly arrived in Strasbourg, Nadera decided to discover the region and meet us. It does not come empty-handed: thanks to it, you will discover all kinds of cultural and culinary curiosities from around the Mediterranean but also from the rest of the world!

Open from week to week, from dish to dish, to these cultures that are ours – Moroccan and Lebanese – but also to those that our stays in many countries have inspired us.

Offer culinary and cultural experiences through weekly and monthly meetings and, over time, unusual tailor-made meetings.